Love Tribe


<<>> Vivawild Vision <<>>

We believe creating deeper connections with self, our earth, and all its creatures is essential to healing our planet. When these connections are truly embraced, conscious living choices become instinctual, a feeling of love and oneness prevails.

Our Power Animals are more than just a necklace. Our pendants are tools that support the wearer as they step into their highest self and fullest potential. Each animal design has a positive affirmation engraved on the back, derived from our research of each species and how they are held sacred by cultures across the globe. Utilizing mantras is scientifically proven to enhance your state of being. Most of Humanity struggles with Self Worth and this is directly addressing negative mind patterns so new happy healthy and empowered ones can be cultivated. 

We share the totem animal stories and meaning through an Animal Oracle Card that accompanies every pendant. 

<<>> Craftsmanship <<>>

Each design is hand drawn by me and then engraved into sustainably sourced Alder Wood and is coated with Pure Tung Oil which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic (FDA marks it as a possible food additive), this oil brings out the beautiful wood grains and helps with water resistance. 

Every Animal Medallion is a Purchase of Purpose -- we donate a dollar of every sale to amazing Animal Causes like the Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica that we had the pleasure of exploring and falling in love with first hand while traveling there. 

Our experience is that our medallions appeal to both men and women, and the enthusiasm is shared across all ages. 

Through every thoughtful earth friendly choice, we have the ability to make a difference. We are a voice for the voiceless! The power is in our PAWS!