How could we shame our own skin?


Our bodies, a treasure chest.
Cradling our sparkling spirits, the jewels of our vitality.
It is all we have ever known, from the moment we came spiraling into this existence, this smooth supple casing, emerging into the light.
Stretching and curving around our muscles and bones
Empowering our senses
Yet dissolving our worth
I will not be fooled by your rules.
I will not shy away into the shadows.
Two circles resting sweetly on our bosoms, sometimes nozzles of nectar, beacons of sustenance.
Sacred, not controversial.
The same, yet we are told they are different.
We are told.
How could this terrain ever be wrong?
How could we shame our own skin?
How could this thin layer outweigh the incredible world it carries inside?
Our beating heart.
Our dancing mind.
Our expanding lungs.
This land of silk does not define us; it is merely a tool.
Soaking in the kiss of raindrops, a tender breeze
The soft caress of fingertips, roaming lips along the nape of your neck
Sands warmed by the sun, a wandering wave exploring your nooks
A tool for every touch, a highway for communicating.
Let us not be captivated by ingrained perceptions.
Let us shake free of these senseless shackles, the ones that cloud our source, our true beings.

I see equality.
I see love.
I see truth.
I see beauty.
I do not see skin. 
I see souls.

<3 Sunflower