Free Spirit Roaming the World with her Wolf <3

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My name is Isabelle Pinard. I met Krissy through my favorite hammock spot and she mentored me in San Diego for a short while when I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go. Before I left for the biggest adventure of my life- she gave me the Wolf Pendant

I left California where I traveled up and down the coast to find my home. I fell in love with à French man and took the opportunity to travel across the ocean and discover Europe. Young and free I roamed and loved and learned that sometimes even when you love someone with your whole heart, the best thing for both individuals to truly know themselves, grow, and be their best entity is to let them go. I learned to let go of love in order to rediscover myself and love the warrior goddess I am.

Now I am a Hapa running around Europe with a social cultural anthropology and cognitive science degree- studying digital nomads and working as a remote marketing manager. Gathering stories and learning who is a part of my pack with every step of the way

Thank you Viva Wild for the love and the strength I receive with this totem every day ❤️

Photo taken | Lyon France - Next stop Barcelona! Vivawild advocate!

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