A Movement to Spread Love!

The first time I ever saw a VivaWild pendant I was in love. Not only was I at work the excitement of having to wear it and gift the amazing friends I had in mind who would appreciate the meaning and why I chose a unique spirit animal pendant for them.


It's brought so much truth and the energy of the wise owl itself had me realizing a lot with connections with other humanimals. Not only would I see people all over town wearing the pendant the excitement of sharing this was just amazing. Bringing us together as family and a community sharing enlightenment and spreading the power of the pendant to those who were curious of it.

image3 (1).PNG

This is a movement to spread the love and awareness across the globe. I am blessed to have met the creator and goddess who has brought me only good to my life. Thank you so much Krissy. Spirit animals unite!!! The magic in this pendant is miraculous. We all feel it! Love love love and love some more. Good energy spreading like a beam of light reminding us our worth.

image1 (19).PNG
image4 (2).PNG