I BELIEVE in you!

"I believe in you. I need you to remember you are agile, you are confident.... you are focused"


This is what I said to my friend when she told me about the rough time she was having. At the time I had been wearing the cheetah pendant and after doing some yoga and thinking about it I realized that what I was wearing was the perfect gift, reminder, and positive message to show her that I believe in her and she can overcome any obstacle. When she received it, her eyes lit up and she gave me the greatest hug. The amount of love, support, and gratitude created in this moment was truly amazing. Now each time she wears her cheetah pendant, she knows that I am on her side and am here for her.

Love and positivity are created through these beautiful works of art and that is something that everyone needs a little more of. I am thankful for these wonderful art pieces as I have gifted them multiple times and each time I do the positive reaction is truly heat warming. Remember: We Are One... Always spread love and compassion. #blessitforward