Free Spirit Roaming the World with her Wolf <3

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My name is Isabelle Pinard. I met Krissy through my favorite hammock spot and she mentored me in San Diego for a short while when I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go. Before I left for the biggest adventure of my life- she gave me the Wolf Pendant

I left California where I traveled up and down the coast to find my home. I fell in love with à French man and took the opportunity to travel across the ocean and discover Europe. Young and free I roamed and loved and learned that sometimes even when you love someone with your whole heart, the best thing for both individuals to truly know themselves, grow, and be their best entity is to let them go. I learned to let go of love in order to rediscover myself and love the warrior goddess I am.

Now I am a Hapa running around Europe with a social cultural anthropology and cognitive science degree- studying digital nomads and working as a remote marketing manager. Gathering stories and learning who is a part of my pack with every step of the way

Thank you Viva Wild for the love and the strength I receive with this totem every day ❤️

Photo taken | Lyon France - Next stop Barcelona! Vivawild advocate!

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I BELIEVE in you!

"I believe in you. I need you to remember you are agile, you are confident.... you are focused"


This is what I said to my friend when she told me about the rough time she was having. At the time I had been wearing the cheetah pendant and after doing some yoga and thinking about it I realized that what I was wearing was the perfect gift, reminder, and positive message to show her that I believe in her and she can overcome any obstacle. When she received it, her eyes lit up and she gave me the greatest hug. The amount of love, support, and gratitude created in this moment was truly amazing. Now each time she wears her cheetah pendant, she knows that I am on her side and am here for her.

Love and positivity are created through these beautiful works of art and that is something that everyone needs a little more of. I am thankful for these wonderful art pieces as I have gifted them multiple times and each time I do the positive reaction is truly heat warming. Remember: We Are One... Always spread love and compassion. #blessitforward

A Movement to Spread Love!

The first time I ever saw a VivaWild pendant I was in love. Not only was I at work the excitement of having to wear it and gift the amazing friends I had in mind who would appreciate the meaning and why I chose a unique spirit animal pendant for them.


It's brought so much truth and the energy of the wise owl itself had me realizing a lot with connections with other humanimals. Not only would I see people all over town wearing the pendant the excitement of sharing this was just amazing. Bringing us together as family and a community sharing enlightenment and spreading the power of the pendant to those who were curious of it.

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This is a movement to spread the love and awareness across the globe. I am blessed to have met the creator and goddess who has brought me only good to my life. Thank you so much Krissy. Spirit animals unite!!! The magic in this pendant is miraculous. We all feel it! Love love love and love some more. Good energy spreading like a beam of light reminding us our worth.

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Conversation Starter

One of the best things about my lion pendant is how it allows me to ease into social situations A LOT better.

Anytime I'm at an event or party, people immediately reach to my necklace to take a look at it.

It allows us to dive into a deeper conversation immediately instead of beating around the bush with small talk.

I get to share with them the attributes I want to embody in the future, why I relate to the lion and how cool it is that my friends started this heart-centered brand.

Thanks #VivaWild Team :)

Andrew G.