intuitive Animal reading

Uniting with your Power Animal can bring a bright light even to the darkest shadows. Vivawild's Animal Totems inspire you to step into your greatness through the wild and true energy that these animals embody.

Your answers are completely confidential between Animal Oracle, Krissy Sunflower, and yourself. The more authentically you share the more potent this reading will be.

Sunflower will be personally emailing you soon.

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Krissy Sunflower Animal Oracle

Sunflower devotes her life to raising the vibration of the people around her. She is celebrated for her deep alignment with the Animal Kingdom and ability to tune into the animal that will support you the most on your path right meow. 

As you step into your power animal's energy, you will feel a fire with your soul's passion and purpose.

Follow your heart, be in your bliss, create epic art, cultivate peace of mind, be infinite love and make a difference

We are all one!